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A Few Facts Regarding Introducing Cow Milk To The Kids

Parents often wonder whether or not to introduce cow milk bought from a reputable cow milk supplier to their babies and here are a few facts that they must know.

Why Is Cow Milk Not Recommended For Infants?

As it comes to introducing cow milk to the kids, it is not recommended for the infants. The key reasons are

Though it is not advised to introduce cow milk to the newborns, babies older than one year of age may be introduced to dairy products like yogurt and cheese.

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When To Introduce Cow Milk?

Many parents who feed formula to their babies prefer transition to cow milk. The key reason behind this intent is the high expense associated with this. Besides, formulas are exclusively manufactured considering the needs of the babies, not for the elders. On the other hand, cow milk can be consumed by the entire family making it a less expensive option. If your baby doesn't suffer from lactose intolerance or any sort of dairy allergy, they might be introduced to cow milk once they attain the age of six months. However, it is highly recommended that you ask your pediatrician before making any changes to your baby's diet. It would be even better to wait until your baby becomes one year old before you offer her cow milk, independently.

Even a leading milk distributor believes that babies, who are entirely breastfed until their first birthday, are getting right nutrition milk can offer. Breast milk is perfect for human babies as it has the balanced combination of essential nutrients including fats that a kid needs for proper development and growth. Cow milk is species-specific composition and thus you need to be careful about introducing it to your baby. Though breast milk is the best for the babies, mothers who want their babies to wean from breastfeeding can offer cow milk only after they become one year old.

How Should You Introduce Cow Milk To Your Baby?

Cow milk can be introduced to the kids only after their first birthday and that too in small quantity. Better you start off with mixing the milk with breast milk or formula to ensure an easy and smooth transition. You may try other foods that they like beforehand to check whether or not they can digest them sans any health problem.

As it comes to mixing cow milk with breast milk, mix it in a ratio of 1:3. Gradually increase the ratio of cow milk while reducing the breast milk portion. And, eventually as the kids become toddler, they can consume cow milk independently.



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