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About Us


Profit is not the one and only aspect of a business but a businessman is undoubtedly bound to comply his social responsibility which RED COW DAIRY has highlighted the most. Urbanization, excessive pollution led to the crisis in supply of milk. RED COW DAIRY has realized the basic problem of modern India especially in West Bengal which led to them to enter the Dairy business. Urbanization is witnessed to be a greatest threat amongst the consumers of milk starting from a 1 month old to a 80 year old. This left perturbed Mr. Narayan Majumdar, a Dairy Technologist a lot. To give a relief as well as to bridge the gap between rural milk producers and urban consumers, he gave birth to RED COW DAIRY in the year 1997.

Red Cow Dairy started their business as a small scale milk collection unit which gradually in course of time as well as with immense hard work of the team members and under the supervision of Mr. Majumdar has achieved its goal of getting registered as a private limited company in the year 2003. The day and night hard work of the dedicated, and trustworthy team mates along with the confidence and support of thousands of milk producers of rural Bengal led the company to reach its height and transform it to a partnership company in the year 2000. In the year 2003 the company sprouted with new ideas for its augmentation. The company witnessed a transformation from being a partnership company to a private limited company named as RED COW DAIRY PVT.LTD. Thereafter in the year 2008 company has gone for a major diversification of manufacturing poly pouch milk and various milk products. The proponent of Red Cow purchased another product factory namely KOLKATA DAIRY PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. a fragile unit which of late feeding more than 100 employees and their families by manufacturing milk and milk products of RED COW.

Chief Constituent

The Company comprises of four Directors and the details are delineated below.

NARAYAN MAJUMDAR: A veteran Dairy Tecnologist by profession. Having 35 years of experience in the trade, pursued B.Tech in (Dairy Technology) in the year of 1979 from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana. He started his carrier with Kwality Ice cream as Dairy Chemist in 1979, followed by Himalayan Milk Producers Union, Siliguri, as Dairy Supervisor (1979-1980), at Mother Dairy Calcutta as Quality Control Officer (1980-1995), at Thacker Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata as a Consultant General Manager (1996-2005). He is in business since 1997 till date.

NANDAN MAJUMDAR: Pursued his B.B.A from ICFAI, Hyderabad and M.B.A specialization in Marketing and Human Resources, from Birla Institute of Technology in the year of 2009. He joined family business in the year of 2009 and with his leadership quality as well as endless effort and sound knowledge in the field of marketing has helped the company to reach its height. Under his leadership the company has seen remarkable sales growth.

KAKALI MAJUMDAR: Contributed in a larger scale in the expansion of the business. During the tenure of Business and in association with the company, she gained sufficiently enough of exposures in the trade which is reflected through her ideas in the amplification of the business.

URMILA MAJUMDAR: Pursued her B.B.A and M.B.A from ICFAI specialization in Finance. She joined business recently in the year 2013.


Of late Red Cow Dairy take part to announce themselves as one of the largest private sector dairies in eastern part of India. Company’s procedure of procuring milk, processing and manufacturing differs from other companies. Red Cow dairy has always tried to give the best quality of milk using contemporary techniques and unified management coupled with a highly committed, qualified and dedicated team of professionals. Team members of Red Cow Dairy Pvt. Ltd. are pledged to achieve and sustain a reputation for supplying quality Dairy products by deploying trained personnel along with abundant resources in all respect and trying hard for improvement.

RED COW DAIRY can be called “a combination of trust and purity”. The specialty of the company lies in the procurement of high quality milk which manufactures various kinds of dairy products like POLY POUCH MILK, COW GHEE, PANEER, DOI AND CANNED RASGULLA. At present the sell of POUCH MILK is more than 1.2 lakhs litre per day under the brand name of ” RED COW “which is successively increasing day by day. The team members are very much concerned about their valued customers given most importance to fulfill consumer needs and expectations without compromising the quality of products through their never ending in durations..

Mode of Operation

The main objective of Red Cow Dairy is to serve their consumers with rich & safe quality of milk and milk products to the peak of satisfaction of consumers emerging to create a strong bondage between the producers and consumers. Process of milk procurement is being done by organizing a Village Level Collection Center (VLCC) coupling 8-10 villages where the company depute a Village Service Provider (V.S.P) , who is given the responsibility of collecting milk from the rural milk producers after quality testing and making the bill payment to the producers. All the VSP’s are having bank account and the payment is routed through to VSP’s through net banking system. The company vehicle collects these raw milk and deliver the empty milk can for next collection to the V. S. Ps and transport the said collected milk to our nearest milk chilling plant for further processing & quality testing, which onward again being transported to our main plants through insulated road milk tankers for manufacturing milk & milk products. Till the time the raw milk is converted to final product & ready for market consumption, in each & every step quality assurance program is implemented ensuring to deliver a safe & quality product to our valued consumers.



  • I am a bit choosy about dairy products so I always prefer Red Cow’s products. Their latest addition is Rasogolla which was appreciated by all of my guests in my sister’s marriage ceremony.
    Maloy Kirtania
  • When it comes to Paneer I always prefer the one which Red Cow provides. I have tried other brands available in the market but it came out not so well. Addition of Red Cow’s paneer to any dish makes it delicious as well as finger licking. The best thing about Red Cow’s which I like the most is the quality of its products.
    Riya Dey
  • My kids don’t like milk which is a common problem for every mother. Suddenly one of my friend who was going through the same problem suggested me to buy Red Cow Milk. From that very day my kids are very much fond of milk thus, ending up my problems.
    Anjali Chatterjee
  • I have a craving for sweets made up from Ghee. Though I don’t eat much because of calories but I could not resist when my mother makes sweets using Red Cow Ghee.
    Aditi Bose
  • My first choice of milk and milk products is Red Cow. I like their each and every product but my all time favourite is doi. No other brand in the market could satisfy me as Red Cow did.
    Rahul Gomes