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Best Canned Sweets in India

Red Cow Dairy has laid an upper hand in this business so as to carry forward the legacy. As it is one of the largest private sector dairy, it gives an ample supply of canned rasgulla and Gulab Jamun. Mr. Narayan Majumdar, a dairy technologist and the owner of Red Cow Dairy, decided to lead the business in this firm once he realized the inadequate supply of milk was causing harm. Due to the growing urbanization it gets very difficult to get the delivery of the dairy products in an ample amount on a daily basis. So Mr. Majumdar took the plan to supply canned sweets as it is fresh and hygienic and free from dust.

Importance of Canned Sweets in India

India has been very popular all through for many reasons but exceptionally for foods; and deserts need no mention. Sweets are no longer just a delicacy but are eaten round the year on almost daily basis. But the consumption soars high when it comes to occasions like festivals and religious ceremonies, season of wedding. Canned sweets have made it a lot easier for people to carry it on a longer trip.

From Milk to Canned Sweets- No Stone is Left Unturned

As there is a steady demand of milk and sweets round the year so the supply must be good enough to meet the demands of the consumers. Hence Red Cow Dairy takes an initiation to meet that pressure and serve the best to their valued consumers. Since the popularity of rasgullas have gone beyond West Bengal, Red Cow Dairy supplies in the entire nation and is giving a better reason to love the sweet all the more for its refined and unique taste.

Why Choose the Canned Sweets?

In traditional sweet shops where they are kept in full exposure to air which allows the airborne bacteria and sometimes even those from the hands of shopkeepers to come in contact with the sweets. On the contrary the manufacturers of the canned sweets keep the hygiene level to utmost, by using gloves and aprons. As it is sealed once packed, the possibility of microbes is quite less. In the canned the sweets are kept in proper temperature, humidity conditions where the good bacteria thrive too.

Reasons to Choose Red Cow Dairy as Canned Sweets Supplier

The main reason by which you can entrust on us is the way we look forward to please our valued customers. The journey from pouch milk to canned sweets has been smooth because of the appreciation received from the customers; hence we have planned to launch few more canned sweets under our brand name. More than fifteen years of experience has pushed us to be at your service all the more. So be logged in for newer production from us as we will be launching them shortly.



  • I am a bit choosy about dairy products so I always prefer Red Cow’s products. Their latest addition is Rasogolla which was appreciated by all of my guests in my sister’s marriage ceremony.
    Maloy Kirtania
  • When it comes to Paneer I always prefer the one which Red Cow provides. I have tried other brands available in the market but it came out not so well. Addition of Red Cow’s paneer to any dish makes it delicious as well as finger licking. The best thing about Red Cow’s which I like the most is the quality of its products.
    Riya Dey
  • My kids don’t like milk which is a common problem for every mother. Suddenly one of my friend who was going through the same problem suggested me to buy Red Cow Milk. From that very day my kids are very much fond of milk thus, ending up my problems.
    Anjali Chatterjee
  • I have a craving for sweets made up from Ghee. Though I don’t eat much because of calories but I could not resist when my mother makes sweets using Red Cow Ghee.
    Aditi Bose
  • My first choice of milk and milk products is Red Cow. I like their each and every product but my all time favourite is doi. No other brand in the market could satisfy me as Red Cow did.
    Rahul Gomes