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Best Quality & Pure Cow Ghee in India

Red Cow Dairy is the leading provider of dairy products including Pure Cow Ghee in India. Mr. Narayan Majumdar, the owner of the firm and a dairy technologist himself thought of launching this product under their brand name.

The company transformed from a partnership to a private limited company as the RED COW DAIRY PVT.LTD in 2008. Thereafter the company has been producing varieties in industrializing poly pouch milk distributor and different milk products. The supporter of Red Cow bought another product factory namely KOLKATA DAIRY PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. a delicate unit which of late is shaping up a life of more than 100 employees and their families by mechanizing milk and milk products of RED COW.

How Is Ghee Prepared From Milk?

Pure cow ghee is healthy, delicious and loved by people of all ages. Cow milk forms to be the staple ingredient of our product.

Usually, ghee is prepared by simmering butter, churned from cream after removing the impurities from the surface. It is then poured to retain the liquid fat while discarding the solid residue, settled to the bottom. Depending on the preferences, spices can be added for taste. The colour, texture and flavour of ghee depend on the quality of the milk and butter used in the process. Even the duration of time spent boiling plays a major role.

Importance of Best Cow Ghee:

Whenever the word Cow Ghee comes the first thing comes to our mind is fat!

Any fitness freak would have a panic attack hearing this. But this is the proclaimed truth.

Cow Ghee is another dairy product which is directly inherited from milk so the nutrients and goodness of milk is restrained.

The western culture is completely against the Ghee-culture since they believe it takes a toll of life in a negative way. But the recent studies done by dairy technologists have proved the myth to be absolutely false. Hence, the traditional thinking of growing healthy if you have clarified butter on a regular basis has proven its worth. The modern technologies have proved pure Cow Ghee is good for the brain and nerves. It contains high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which is beneficial for good health.

On the contrary, if you do not have a habit of in taking these acids then you might get an attack of Alzheimer’s. So regular intake of pure cow ghee can make your brain function better!

Benefits Of Using The Best Cow Ghee

Widely used in homes all throughout India, cow ghee is extremely beneficial. In addition to its medicinal value, cow ghee offers a range of health benefits. Some of these benefits are

Ingredients & Nutrition Value of Pure Cow Ghee

The basic ingredient for ghee would be milk fat which is of 99.7%. In our product we keep the value of sugar, carbohydrate and protein to 0%. The energy value is 897Kcal. Fat is 99.7g in total and vitamin A is 700mcg. The container used is well cleaned and secured with a thick layer of plastic body. Strong and best quality plastic is used so maintain the security of the product.

The product is also available in all the sizes, starting from 100ml to as big as 5000ml. The product is best use before 6 months from the manufacturing date.

Why you Consider Red Cow Dairy for best Cow Ghee?

Of late the firm has taken part to announce themselves as one of the largest private sector dairies in the eastern part of India. Company's procedure of obtaining milk, meting out and mechanizing differs from other companies. Red Cow dairy uses contemporary techniques and unified management to give the best quality of milk. Highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals work under the company who are assured to obtain and sustain a reputation for giving out quality Dairy products supplier in India by installing trained personnel along with abundant resources for trying hard to improve. Hence, it is called "a combination of trust and purity".

Red Cow Dairy brings you the best and pure cow ghee in the most hygienic plastic & glass container. For further information about the product details you may call us at 03212-237004.



  • I am a bit choosy about dairy products so I always prefer Red Cow’s products. Their latest addition is Rasogolla which was appreciated by all of my guests in my sister’s marriage ceremony.
    Maloy Kirtania
  • When it comes to Paneer I always prefer the one which Red Cow provides. I have tried other brands available in the market but it came out not so well. Addition of Red Cow’s paneer to any dish makes it delicious as well as finger licking. The best thing about Red Cow’s which I like the most is the quality of its products.
    Riya Dey
  • My kids don’t like milk which is a common problem for every mother. Suddenly one of my friend who was going through the same problem suggested me to buy Red Cow Milk. From that very day my kids are very much fond of milk thus, ending up my problems.
    Anjali Chatterjee
  • I have a craving for sweets made up from Ghee. Though I don’t eat much because of calories but I could not resist when my mother makes sweets using Red Cow Ghee.
    Aditi Bose
  • My first choice of milk and milk products is Red Cow. I like their each and every product but my all time favourite is doi. No other brand in the market could satisfy me as Red Cow did.
    Rahul Gomes