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Best Quality & Tasteful Gulab Jamun in India

"Traditional Asian Dessert At Its Best"

Have a love for Gulab Jamun? Red Cow Dairy is the name to trust. Having years of experience in delivering consumers with delicious sweet dishes, we are one of the most preferred brands. Our focus is always on using fresh quality cow milk in all our dairy products, be it curd, paneer, cow ghee, rasgulla or the most favourite Gulab Jamun.

Established in 1997, through the course of time, Red Cow Dairy Private Limited has projected itself to be one of the largest private sector dairies in Eastern India. We value our customers and always focus on meeting their needs and expectations. Making use of contemporary techniques, our dedicated team of professionals aims at providing you with mouth-watering Gulab Jamun of supreme quality.

Sweet-Lovers And Gulab Jamun

"Every Bite Is A Sinful Indulgence"

This traditional dessert has been the love of every Asian sweet lover from time unmemorable. Made with either milk solids or freshly curdled milk, each variety has a distinct appearance and taste. Be it any party, birthday celebration, marriage ceremony or a festival, a flashing of its name in the menu can bring a smile on the face of every sweet lover. What's more? According to a recent survey, the occasional serving of a single piece Gulab Jamun, even 2 to 3 balls, won’t affect your heath or diet plan.

Nutritional Facts of Gulab Jamun

"A Nutritional Treat For Your Taste-Buds"

The size of a single Gulab Jamun is more or less like a ping-pong ball. The calories in each depend on the recipe used, and so does the nutritional value. Generally, a ball of the moderate size has around 150 calories. Being made of milk, they are rich in calcium and especially good for the bones. Having a single piece on daily basis fulfils 10% of your recommended calorie needs per day. But if you are heath conscious, just make sure not to overeat.

Ingredients Used of Gulab Jamun

"Tastes As Good As It Looks"

Each Gulab Jamun prepared at Red Cow Dairy Private Limited are not only lip-smacking but healthy as well. Professionals involved in the manufacturing process aims at making use of only fresh ingredients, which includes clarified butter called pure cow ghee, milk powder, baking powder, flour, cardamom, oil, milk and occasional uses of raisin and nuts. These balls are dipped in sugar-syrup flavoured with cardamom, saffron or rose-water and garnished with kesar, vark or almonds.

How To Prepare Gulab Jamun?

For Syrup

For Gulab Jamun Balls

The Final Steps

Though every bite of a Gulab Jamun is truly delicious, preparing them at home is too time-consuming. The best alternative for every sweet-lover is to buy a pack of Red Cow Dairy Gulab Jamun and treat your taste buds.

Why Trust Red Cow Dairy for Gulab Jamun?

"The Most Preferred Name For All Lovers Of Gulab Jamun"

"Buy Mouth-Watering Gulab Jamun At Affordable Prices"

Do you have a query in mind? Contact Red Cow Dairy or quick call at 03212-230492 today.



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