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How Good Rasgulla Is For Your Health?

Rasgulla, also pronounced as rosogolla, is one of the most prominent and globally acclaimed Indian sweets. Best Rasgulla is basically made out of cottage cheese aka chhena, semolina dough and sugar syrup. They are much lighter on your body in comparison to other mouth-watering sweets and desserts. Not only during any special occasion or festival, rasgulla is served throughout the year irrespective of event. Whether greeting your new boss, visiting relative’s place, rejoicing good score or anything else, rasgulla is most accepted and sweetest means of celebration, especially among the Bengalis. But the question is if it is really good for your health.

Canned Rasgulla

Since lighter, they often seem to be healthier to consume than other popular sweet options. You can easily eat more than one rasgulla in a single serving that you can hardly do with any other sweet. In fact, there is only a very few who takes only one rasgulla at a time. Such an instance is really unusual for the bearers of sweet-loving chromosomes.

Primary Ingredients

Here are the primary ingredients needed to make best rasgulla. Considering the raw materials, you can have a gross idea of how healthy rasgulla is.

Calories And Calories

A single 100 gm serving of rasgulla entails almost 186 calories. The key nutrient found in rasgulla is carbohydrate that comprises about 153 calories while fat makes up 17 calories and protein accounts for remaining 16 calories. So a single serving of rasgulla provides more or less 9% of your daily calorie requirement for a typical diet of around 2,000 calories.

Rasgulla is a high sugar dessert as it gets boiled as well as served in thick sugar syrup. In that respect, it is undoubtedly delicious but not much healthy. So if you are an avid rasgulla lover, gulp your favourite sweet in moderate quantity to indulge your rasgulla craving without causing any harm to your health.


Rasgulla and its Columbus

For so many decades, rasgulla had been treated as one of the most popular and traditional Oriya sweet dishes though it was known as Khira Mohana in Odisha. However, Kolkata being the inventor of rasgulla introduced this sweet delicacy to the sweet buffs through Nobin Das, the Columbus of rasgulla.

Like any sweet dishes, doctors suggested to remain moderate over rasgulla craving. Rasgulla is not only preferred by the Bengalis as well as civilians from other states, but in foreign countries as well. Canned Rasgulla made from best quality cow milk by eminent sweet shops is regularly being dispatched to different parts of the world. And with easy access of Internet, you can order your favourite sweet and get it delivered at your doorstep just with a couple of mouse-clicks.



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