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How To Effectively Extend The Freshness Of Ghee By Adopting Proper Storage

Does ghee expire? Well, this question is not uncommon. Apart from purchasing ghee from reputed pure ghee manufacturer in India, many households in India make ghee at home. They simmer butter to make allergen-free desi ghee. Though the process of ghee making entails reeking smell, it is worth considering the quality and taste. Ghee is used as long as it tastes good and no foul smell comes out from it. But the thing people generally are not much aware of is its shelf life. Let’s have a look at how to store ghee in the right way to ensure longer and better shelf life. Though ghee bought from a store comes with a tag ‘best before’, the following storage tips are applicable to all types of ghee – cultured, spiced, homemade or any other.

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Follow The Storage Tips To Ensure Longer & Better Shelf Life Of Ghee

Common Storage Tips

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Quick Ghee Facts

These are a few hacks regarding proper storage of ghee.



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