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Include Pure Cow Ghee In Your Pregnancy Diet For A Healthier Baby

So, you recently found out you're pregnant. Congratulations!

Whether you are still in a state of shock or your family is jumping with joy, it's time you start thinking about ways to get your pregnancy off to a great start. Wondering how to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy? Fear not. All you need to do is abide by your doctor's suggestions, exercise regularly and include nutritious food like cow ghee in your pregnancy diet!

Since time immemorial, ghee (clarified butter) is one of the main cooking elements in the majority of Indian households. It is one of the healthiest foods which your mom, grandmother and aunt expect you to consume during these nine months. And, the reason why the best cow ghee is included in the diet of pregnant women is that it is an excellent source of fat. Moreover, it is believed to assist in normal delivery (though there is no scientific proof).

Here's everything you need to know about including cow ghee in the pregnancy diet.

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Is Consuming Ghee During Pregnancy Safe?

Yes, consuming a moderate amount of ghee on a regular basis is safe for pregnant women.

Ghee, being a healthy source of fat is often used as a substitute for oil and butter. And, unlike some of the other dairy products, clarified butter boosts metabolism and is easier to digest too. However, you must check with your gynaecologist before for determining the amount of ghee you can add to your diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Including Ghee In Your Pregnancy Diet?

For pregnant women, ghee is believed to offer numerous benefits like-

How Can You Include Ghee In Your Diet?

Depending on your taste buds and preferences, you can use ghee both raw or as an ingredient when cooking. Ghee can be used as-

Now that you are aware of everything, don't you think approaching a reputed pure ghee manufacturer can be very beneficial? Time to seek expert medical advice and include ghee in your pregnancy diet!



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