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Best Quality & Fresh Paneer In India

Red Cow Dairy engages in the manufacture and supply of top-quality fresh paneer. Our product has been highly acknowledged amongst consumers across the nation for its matchless purity and delicious taste.

Carrying a wealth of knowledge and combined experience, we formulate 100% vegetarian paneer only from sourced whole cow milk. The food product is rich in protein and calcium and all necessary components that define edibility.

Prepared in advanced dairy processing unit using the latest techniques of separating curd from whey, our paneer makes an ideal ingredient in a variety of Indian dishes. The manufacturing process is supervised by a professional team so safety and quality can be guaranteed.

The preparation is carried out at accurate temperatures so the food acidity remains optimum. The food is then packaged in block form and sold in food-grade pouches ideal for the Indian consumers’ needs. For the most palatable stock of best quality paneer in India, look no further than Red Cow Dairy.

Product Features

How To Make Paneer?

Though paneer is quite tasty, preparing it at home can be a bit tiresome and time-consuming. The best alternative is to get hold of a packet of Red Cow Dairy Fresh Paneer and prepare your desirable paneer dish at home.

Why Paneer Consumption Is Considered Healthy?

Paneer is lip-smacking in whatever form you like to consume it – whether in chunks, grilled, fried, crumbled, sautéed, or barbequed. And then, regular paneer consumption comes with a lot of health benefits.

It's a rich source of protein. For vegetarians who cannot intake it from meat and fish, this is a delectable alternative. It helps in muscle repair and building and hence, is a must-have for gym goers.

Paneer never raises the blood sugar levels of the body, which is why it is safe for consumption, especially to curb hunger pangs. The calcium content in the food works towards building stronger teeth and bones and burning body fat.

Did you know the food in your diet can help you fight deadly diseases like cancer and cardiac troubles? So, why not invite it on your palate, too? Want to purchase best quality paneer? Think of Red Cow Dairy first.

Reasons To Buy Paneer From Red Cow Dairy

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  • I am a bit choosy about dairy products so I always prefer Red Cow’s products. Their latest addition is Rasogolla which was appreciated by all of my guests in my sister’s marriage ceremony.
    Maloy Kirtania
  • When it comes to Paneer I always prefer the one which Red Cow provides. I have tried other brands available in the market but it came out not so well. Addition of Red Cow’s paneer to any dish makes it delicious as well as finger licking. The best thing about Red Cow’s which I like the most is the quality of its products.
    Riya Dey
  • My kids don’t like milk which is a common problem for every mother. Suddenly one of my friend who was going through the same problem suggested me to buy Red Cow Milk. From that very day my kids are very much fond of milk thus, ending up my problems.
    Anjali Chatterjee
  • I have a craving for sweets made up from Ghee. Though I don’t eat much because of calories but I could not resist when my mother makes sweets using Red Cow Ghee.
    Aditi Bose
  • My first choice of milk and milk products is Red Cow. I like their each and every product but my all time favourite is doi. No other brand in the market could satisfy me as Red Cow did.
    Rahul Gomes