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Some Interesting Facts To Make You Fall In Love With Rasgullas

As a dessert lover, do you often tease your taste buds with delectable Indian sweets? Do you have a special fascination towards the luscious rasgulla? Why not take things up a bit notch by learning a few amazing facts about your favourite sweet? Read on to learn what makes the rasgulla so extraordinary!

From the historic bylanes of Kolkata to the holy ghats of Benaras and the powerful corridors of the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Rasgulla is one sweet which Indians cannot seem to have enough of. Popularly known as India’s one of the most-loved culinary invention, this delicious sweet is loved by one and all across the country. While West Bengal has recently been coveted with the Geographical Identification tag on rasgullas, people all over the country have an everlasting fascination towards the best rasgulla in India.

Below are a few interesting facts about this popular sweet which you need to know!


4 Amazing Facts About The Best Rasgulla In India Even Dessert Lovers Might Be Unaware Of

1. Bengal Invented Rasgulla

Till a few years back, no one could even imagine that the divine rasgulla can even stir up a controversy. While Odisha claimed that it had ties to a centuries-old ritual associated with Lord Jagannath, Bengal claimed that the sweet was actually invented by the renowned sweet-maker Nobin Chandra Das. However, the war between West Bengal and Odisha regarding the origin of Rasgulla recently reached to a conclusion when the GI status was awarded to West Bengal for “rosogolla”.

2. The Favourite Sweet Of Goddess Lakshmi

Few historians from Odisha claim that the mithai had originated as ‘Khir Mohan’ in Puri, which then evolved into rasgulla. The legend goes that when Lord Jagannath moves out of the famous Puri temple for 9 days during the Rath Yatra along with his sister and brother, Goddess Lakshmi, his consort remains upset and doesn’t allow let the Lord come in when he returns, till she is offered rasgulla by him.
Ever since 11th century AD, the people here are omplying with the legend. It is now customary to offer the sweet as Prasad to Goddess Lakshmi on the last day of the famous Rath Yatra.

3. Revelation Of The Secret

As per another legend in Odisha, the secret recipe of the closely guarded Puri temple was spilled by a priest to a few cowherds of the Pahala village. The village had a very large cattle population which made the priest reveal the secret recipe. It is said that since the priest could no longer tolerate the regular wastage of curdled milk, he taught the folks of Pahala how to make rasgulla.

4. The Bengali Rasgulla

The white spongy Bengali rasgulla is believed to have been invented by Nobin Chandra Das, a Kolkata-based confectioner in 1868. However, there is another popular theory, according to which the sweet existed in West Bengal from before and the renowned confectioner only popularised it. What makes the Bengali rasgulla so unique is its colour, taste, texture and juice content which is completely different from that of Odisha’s.

Now that you are aware of these incredible facts, what are you still thinking of? Quickly approach a reputed dairy firm and bring home the best canned rasgulla in Bengal. Time to satiate your taste buds!



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