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Some Less Known Yet Amazing Health Benefits Of Pure Cow Ghee

Often used as Indian staple, cow ghee contains a number of important and inevitable nutrients. Cow ghee bought from a reputed Dairy Products Supplier has medicinal properties as well that make the body healthy while making it immune to many ailments. From eyes to the abdomen, it impacts many parts and organs of the body. However, owing to high fat content, it is not always recommended for obese people as well as people with severe cardiac and renal issues without recommendation of the doctor.

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Let's Check Out Some Of The Important Health Benefits Of Pure Cow Ghee.

Protects Arteries

Cow ghee is rich in vitamin K2 that helps in reduction of calcium deposits in the arteries and thus it protects against artery calcification. Cow ghee also helps to improve the functions of the heart by reducing level of bad cholesterol while enhancing the level of good cholesterol.

Improves Eye Health

Cow ghee is good for 'Tarpana'. This is a mixture made with chunky flour paste and filled with desi cow ghee. This is applied around the eyes. Once applied, respective person is asked to keep the eyes open and then close them over and again. As per ayurveda, this process strengthens the power of eyes and thus helps in eyesight improvement. Cow ghee prepared with ayurvedic medicine Triphala can be used for Tarpana. Ghee along with honey and Triphala helps improving vision. Cow ghee can be applied on the eyes alone to strengthen them. Eyes can also be washed with ghee to get a soothing effect while they are itching slightly or there is a burning sensation in the eyes.

Aids Healthy Pregnancy

Consumption of cow ghee like any other Dairy Products during pregnancy is good and effective. It offers better nourishment to the would-be moms as they require more natural minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids during this period for the healthy growth of the baby. It also prevents newborn from potential birth issues like bone disorders and malnutrition. Consumption of ghee ensures that the fetus gets all the needed vitamins and minerals for healthy development.

Makes Post Operative Recovery Faster

There was a time when ghee was used as the base for making wicks for post-surgery healing. It can also be applied over the operated sutures for faster recovery. In ayurveda, fistula and piles is treated with a preparation namely Kshara. It can be used on the area followed by the procedure to sooth the discomfort, pain and burning sensation. It has an incredible injury healing property. Cow ghee is often used in children during ear lobe puncturing. It helps reducing pain while easing the process of piercing.

Reduces Bladder Pain, Dryness In Mouth And Others

To get relief from pain in bladder region, it is often advised to consume a teaspoon of cow ghee in the morning. In case of chronic fever, cow ghee along with garlic clove is prescribed to intake. To relive mouth dryness, raisins and amla powder mixed with cow ghee come handy. All you need to keep the mixture inside oral cavity for a couple of minutes. Haritaki powder is often mixed with ghee to reduce burning sensations.

These are a few amazing health effects of cow ghee consumption.



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