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Why Is It More Beneficial To Consume Ghee Over Butter?

Ghee may be defined as clarified butter. It is manufactured by heating butter in order to remove water as well as milk solids. However, while compared with clarified butter, pure cow ghee gets simmered for longer period of time to bring out the nutty flavour of butter while being left with much higher smoke point than butter. And thus, ghee can tolerate higher temperature. Also, ghee has a number of nutritional benefits. It contains many fatty acids that are good for health.

Pure Cow Ghee

Let's Find Different Benefits Of Consuming Ghee.

Ghee Is Rich In Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Taking a few servings of ghee on a regular basis is great to squeeze in some good fat-soluble vitamins. It helps boosting intake of vitamin E, vitamin A as well as vitamin K. And all of these vitamins play important role for your wellbeing. From keeping the glowing skin to maintaining healthy vision – you can expect all these benefits by consuming ghee regularly yet in moderate quantity. Ghee is even more beneficial if you are suffering from conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, Crohn’s disease or IBS. With such conditions, body loses its normal capacity of absorbing such fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee helps you by offering a solid boost of these vitamins so your daily requirements of these nutrients can be met.

Ghee Doesn't Contain Casein Or Lactose

Ghee is free from casein protein and lactose. People with lactose intolerance or dairy allergy can easily intake ghee. It is absolutely safe for them if consumed in moderate quantity. While the milk is skimmed and stained to produce best cow ghee, these elements get removed.

Ghee Contains Adequate Quantity Of Linoleic Acid

Ghee is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA that comes with a lengthy list of heath advantages. This amazing fatty acid might also help you with weight loss, fat loss, prevention to cancer formation, alleviating inflammations and lowering high blood pressure. However, grass-fed dairy contains a high concentration of CLA. So choose grass-fed ghee like cow milk ghee, if possible. If you produce ghee at home from butter, it would be better that you choose grass-fed butter.

Ghee Is A Rich Source Of Butyrate

Butyrate, aka butyric acid, is a short chain fatty acid that comes extremely beneficial in improving gut health. Different reliable studies suggest that it might help you support healthy insulin level and fight against inflammation. It helps people suffering from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease to get relief. Ghee also promotes generation of healthy gut microbiome.

Ghee Is Good For Digestion

As already mentioned and confirmed by a reputable pure ghee manufacturer, ghee is a great source of butyrate, which is important to maintain healthy digestion system. This short chain fatty acid helps providing needed energy for the colon cells while supporting gut barrier functions as well as fighting off any inflammation in the digestive tract. It is also suggested by some studies that ghee can be consumed for getting relief from chronic constipation. The fatty acid also helps lowering pain during defecation by improving peristalsis.



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