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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Hectic Mornings

by Red Cow Dairy | October 01, 2020

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Breakfast is the most important meal in a day, and should always be heavy and loaded with nutrients. We start our day with breakfast and what we eat at that point of time determines our energy level for the entire day, because that is when our body’s metabolism gets started. Hence goes the popular saying – “Have breakfast like a King”, so that you remain energized for the whole day. We all are bound by hectic schedules, and cooking a heavy breakfast becomes a challenge, when you got to leave for work, after managing chores at home. Hence healthy but easy breakfast ideas like bread and milk, cornflakes and milk, milk with oats, pancakes with milk, granola with milk etc. have come up, which are both filling and loaded with nutrients to give you a healthy start for the day. India is a country where milk is highly consumed by people and hence very easily available everywhere.

Why is Breakfast the most Important Meal of the Day

A breakfast plate loaded with calories and nutrients gives the body the energy needed to perform its activities for the entire day, thereby boosting the glycogen level of the body. The body starts working right from the time we get up in the morning and breakfast works as fuel for the body, just in the same way petrol works for a car. Skipping a breakfast is not a good option therefore which gives the body the signal that it needs to conserve more energy for the day, rather than burning them right away. Brain does not function properly if the body is not given enough food in the morning, because of a fall in glucose or blood sugar levels. Milk is consumed by most people in the morning while having breakfast to fulfill these needs of the body.

Benefits of having Milk in the Morning

India is the largest producer of milk. This has happened over the years owing to the milk consuming habit of Indians. Bengal is famous for its milk and milk products. Currently redcow milk is very much in preference of milk consumers, owing to its rich taste and freshness. Bengal is a place for milk lovers. People love to consume animal proteins in large amounts. And any product which once suited their taste buds becomes a regular habit for them. Milk is loaded with calcium, protein and Vitamin D. Consuming a glass of milk in the morning gives you all the essential nutrients right in the morning. In addition turmeric mixed with milk works as a natural antibiotic and keeps infections at bay. Milk mixed with honey too has anti inflammatory benefits. Pure Red cow milk benefits have been felt by consumers and hence it has grown in popularity over the years.


We put in the hard effort at work just to earn a good livelihood which comprises food primarily. Food is one of the biggest motivators and hence people are so aggressive to earn their livelihood. It is therefore a vicious circle. It's necessary to eat the right diet so as to support our body to perform its functions. The body further helps us achieve our desires and wishes. “Health is Wealth” sounds like a universal truth applicable for every living creature on earth.