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Could Lack of Sleep Trigger Food Addiction

by Red Cow Dairy | October 07, 2020

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Proper diet and sleep are the two major pre requisites of a healthy mind and body. They are complementary to each other. Any disturbance in meeting one affects the other, thereby harming the body. Sleep disorders can occur out of various reasons, some of which are listed below :-

  • Physical Reasons:- Physical reasons such as pain, discomfort, insomnia, extreme heartburn or acidity etc. can disturb your sleep, leading to restlessness and fatigue later.

  • Medical Reasons:- If a person is suffering from a disease that might be the reason for sleeplessness. There are many antibiotics which causes anxiety or an increase in heart rate thereby disturbing sleep.

  • Psychological Disorders:- A person suffering from anxiety or depression and such other mental disturbances may face sleep disorders.

  • Environmental Issues:- Environmental issues such as sound pollution, people beside snoring, or uncomfortable bedding may cause sleep disturbances.

Proper Body Functioning

Proper body functioning can happen when both physical and mental well being are taken care of. We often think that only eating the right diet can help our body remain strong and our energy positive throughout the day. But this notion is partially correct. Mental happiness is equally important, sometimes more than even the body. Many life threatening diseases can be cured with a combination of medicine and overall mental strength. Mental positivity releases hormones such as oxytocin , dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, which works as a tonic for our brain. These hormones are happy hormones which gives the brain the signal that things are working properly and positive otherwise. Proper sleep is another factor which promotes happiness or positivity in human cells. Everybody's way of reacting to a particular problem is different.

For some people sleep disorders may lead to:-

  • * mood swings
  • * anxiety
  • * food aversions
  • * Headache
  • * Stomach disturbances
  • * Fatigue
  • * Dizziness
  • * Vomiting tendency

While for others it may lead to:-

  • * Excessive food intake
  • * Excitement
  • * Heightened energy etc.


Excessive food intake is a dangerous thing to happen, as it gradually leads to problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, triglyceride, liver and kidney failure.

Some natural home treatments can help curb sleep disorders if followed religiously, such as the habit of having milk before bed time. Milk and dairy products contain sleep inducing amino acids called tryptophan, which helps achieve sound sleep and curbs sleep disorders. Milk or dairy products with heavy cream content is a more suitable option for this.

There are a number of milk brands in Kolkata, and therefore availability of milk and milk products is very easy over here and West Bengal at large. Many people are however lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk. For them having any other alternative lukewarm health drink before bedtime will be a good option.


Last but not the least meditation and yoga therapies have also proven to be very effective to create the perfect sync of mind and body. A healthy mind and healthy body can only be achieved when we identify the problem, and strive towards eradicating its root cause. At the same time we must also be proactive and self conscious, to identify and feel the changes happening within us – positive or negative.