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Why Desi Ghee Is The Intelligent Choice

by Red Cow Dairy | October 09, 2020

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The desi ghee product is delicious and it is perfect to start a lunch with a mix of ghee and rice. There could be plenty of occasions, when you had a taste of desi ghee and you certainly relished this tasty dairy product. We would only like to encourage you to increase the intake of desi ghee in your daily food. It offers a lot more than just the delicious taste and let me elaborate further on these lines. 

It works Perfectly as Healthy Fat: 

We interacted with an expert associated with a top desi ghee manufacturer in India and he offered us exclusive inputs on the benefits of regular desi ghee consumption. He explained to us that desi ghee is healthy fat. The fat accumulation in the body is never desirable but you can always intake food, which boasts a healthy fat component such as desi ghee. There are plenty of industry insiders and medical professionals who refer to such ghee as the nectar of the brain. Let me take you through the reasons why regular desi ghee consumption is beneficial to the brain. 

  1. The product is known to prevent and even to some extent cure brain disorders.

  2. It can surely enhance the memory of a human being significantly.

  3. The product range is ideal for anyone suffering from hormone imbalances. A regular intake of ghee is perfect to repair and regenerate damaged cell membranes.

  4. The medical professionals also support this statement and they have to say that regular ghee intake fuels up all the neurological functions of the brain. It boosts up conscious and subconscious movement and decisions of the brain.

Why is Ghee not often included in the list of Healthy Fats? 

The desi ghee is a healthy fat but there is always a misconception. It is because a certain section of the medical fraternity is still not convinced of ghee being a healthy fat. There has been plenty of debate on this topic and we could gather that the product is not suitable for people who have lactose intolerant features. However, most medical experts will agree that this is a minority community and for most people, it qualifies as a healthy fat product.  

What other Health Benefits can Ghee Offer? 

We have spoken about desi ghee being able to boost up memory and cure brain disorders. It is important to mention that there are plenty more benefits for anyone regularly looking to consume ghee. Let me take you through the details. 

  1. Very few of you are perhaps aware that ghee can work as a perfect moisturizer for the skin. It is during dry weather if the skin dries up, the regular ghee intake can work as a perfect moisturizing element.

  2. It can also operate as perfect oil material for the scalp.

  3. The ghee intake can lower the bad cholesterol in the body and boost up the good cholesterol. Hence, in a way it can boost up the heart health of the person consuming it. 

  4. It works as a perfect ameliorate for burn related injuries and helps the wounds to heal quicker. 

  5. The regular intake of this product boosts up metabolism and prevents fat depositions in the body. 

The Desi Ghee is Priced Cheap: 

You could see that alongside the tasty aspect there are plenty of health benefits for someone who consumes desi ghee regularly. It is also important to mention that the product range is priced in the affordable category. We have got inputs on the Red Cow ghee price and this is a top brand. The MRP for a 500 ML desi ghee bottle is just Rs 325/-. It is cheap as you compare it to a range of health benefits, which this product range has to offer.