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What Is The Difference Between Food Allergy And Food Intolerance

by Red Cow Dairy | October 15, 2020

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There are moments when you give out physical reactions to certain food varieties. The experts have to say in the majority of these instances you are intolerant to this specific food. As a lay person you are perhaps of the opinion that the body is allergic to this specific food variety, but that is not always the case. We would like to say that both food intolerance and allergy cause some basic symptoms and hence this confusion arises.

What Exactly is the Difference?

We spoke to some of the biggest cow products manufacturers and they were able to differentiate between the two. They pointed out that if you are suffering from food allergy, there are bound to be immune system reactions. It is bad because it goes on to impact multiple organs within the body. The food allergic reactions can be devastating at times and can reach the extreme stage of life threatening.

There are Remedies for Cases of Food Intolerance:

As we studied the difference between food allergy and intolerance we could feel that food intolerance can still be handled. We primarily consulted professionals associated with the dairy products industry because the general belief is that plenty of human beings are lactose intolerant. We were eager to know as to how they overcame this major challenge. Hence, we consulted a top executive dealing with red cow products and he gave valuable insights. He had to say that people suffering from food intolerance can still intake small quantities of the particular food without much of a hassle. The professional even spoke to us specifically on the challenges faced by the dairy industry. It is to cater to the needs of lactose intolerant customers that the industry has come up with lactose free milk. Hence, you can see that if you are suffering from food intolerance viable alternatives can be worked out.

What Precisely are the Causes for Food Intolerance?

There are simply plenty of reasons why someone may suffer from food intolerance. It is a long list and let me offer an update.

  1. You are perhaps not being able to properly digest the food. The reason for such a development is that your body is lacking enzymes. This professional associated with redcow production had to say that a perfect example of such a state is lactose intolerant.
  2. You can develop certain irritable bowel syndrome and it is a chronic condition, which can lead to constipation, cramping.
  3. Are you suffering from celiac diseases? It can impact the immune systems and one may in the process suffer from food intolerance and even allergies.
  4. At times you might just be thinking a lot about certain specific food and that itself can invite sickness. Such developments have occurred but unfortunately the medical community has not been able to fully understand the reasons.

The Reasons for Food Allergy:

We have mentioned earlier that food allergy is an immune system reaction. There are certain proteins in the specific food, which causes the reaction. There are plenty of symptoms of food allergies and lately it is increasing for children. Let me offer an insight into some common symptoms of food allergy.


  1. You could feel a tingling sensation in the mouth.
  2. Your lips and face are a big give away and they can generate a burning sensation. In fact there is also scope for swelling in this region.
  3. The skin may develop rashes or become itchy in nature.
  4. You may suffer from streaming eyes or a runny nose.

These are some common symptoms, which indicate that your body is allergic to some specific food variety. It could be anything from peanuts, wheat or even eggs. However, this is a development, which you must not take lightly because it could be life threatening. One may at times have to completely avoid that specific food.