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Is Dairy A Health Food or A Major Health Scare

by Red Cow Dairy | November 04, 2020

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The controversy related to dairy products has been going on for quite a long time. It was perhaps during the growing up years that you often drank milk. The general perception is that via consuming milk and other dairy products, you get to develop muscles and strong bones. This is perhaps the reason for the dairy industry in West Bengal to flourish over the years. However, of late a certain section of society believes that these products are harmful and should be avoided. Let us discuss in detail about the dairy products and its various side effects.

It is a Source to Calcium and Protein:

We decided to consult experts in this regard and spoke to professionals associated with a top milk company in Kolkata. They pointed out that dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt are a good source for calcium. The inflow of calcium in the body boosts up bone density and reduces the scope of fractures.  The intake of calcium elements in the body is vital for people irrespective of the age.

  1. They had to say that adults up to the age of 50 need 1000 mg of calcium every day.
  2. As you cross the age of 50 the body needs more calcium and women are highly vulnerable. They immediately need a daily intake of 1200 mg of calcium.
  3. The men folk can withstand more and it is only after they cross the age of 70, the daily body calcium requirements stand at 1200mm. 

It is until now we were communicating in a technical term and let me simplify a bit. You would precisely want to know the quantity of milk, which the body requires. These professionals with whom we spoke had to say that a cup of milk normally boasts of anything in the range of 250mg to 350 mg of calcium. It could vary amidst various brands and you will need to plan the intake of milk accordingly. 

What Precisely do the Critics have to Say?

The addition of calcium in the body is fine but still there are people who are of the opinion that dairy products are a major health scare. Let me take you through the reasons for such beliefs to arise.


  1. A common argument against the use of dairy products is that they are not natural to consume. There are plenty of you drinking cow milk but a section of biologists are of the opinion that it is suited for calves. Human beings certainly do not belong to this category.
  2. One must note that dairy products have an important carbohydrate in the form of lactose. It is a form of milk sugar composed of sugar glucose and galactose. At an infant age everything is fine because your body produces a digestive system referred to as lactase. This digestive system is able to break down lactose from the mother’s milk. However, there are plenty who lose this ability to break down lactose at an older age. This could lead to issues of nausea, vomiting and also diarrhea. 

Do we Keep Consuming Dairy Products? 

You could feel that milk and dairy related products surely have a health benefit to offer but alongside they generate some form of health scare. Hence, you could be in two minds on whether there is at all a need to consume them or not. These professionals with whom we interacted have been associated with some of the best milk brands in Kolkata and they placed some simple arguments in favor of consumption.


  1. They had to say that it is certainly a nutritious product and just by drinking a cup of milk, you intake calcium, vitamin B2, vitamin B 12 and potassium.
  2. They also had to say that there has not been any form of health scare for people who drink cow milk for all these years.
  3. Is your body lactose intolerant? These professionals had to say that pure milk may not suit you, but one can always consume fermented dairy products like butter, yogurt 

Hence, you can see that milk and other dairy products can always be consumed. There might just be a need to make some minor adjustments to the diet, if you are lactose intolerant but you can always carry on consuming dairy related products.