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Let’s Get Back and Follow Our Traditions

by Red Cow Dairy | November 11, 2020

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India as a country has been quick to accept changes for the betterment of society. However, simultaneously Indians are known to follow traditions, rituals and this aspect has drawn praise from people across the world. There are plenty of daily habits amongst us Indian, which make us stand apart. It could include some basic food intake habits and you must follow these traditions. Let us take the issue of basic milk consumption and this is a tradition, which the Indian community has been following for a long time.

The Versatility of Milk is beyond Imagination:

There are plenty of you regularly drinking cow milk and the product offers plenty of health benefits. However, as you speak to industry experts they have to say that milk plays a critical role in cooking a variety of traditional Indian dishes. A small bit of milk into the food can boost up the flavor significantly. Are you someone who loves the rich Indian curries? If you desire the gravy silky smooth, then adding half a cup milk to the dish helps to attain that velvety texture.

Milk Offers Plenty of By-Products:

We have been primarily discussing the benefit of adding pure milk into traditional Indian cooking, but that is not all. You are aware that there are plenty of dairy products sourced from milk and they too contribute significantly to the betterment of traditional Indian cooking.  The top dairy products manufacturers in India offer a variety ranging from paneer, yogurt, and buttermilk. These items too have been useful in preparing a range of traditional Indian dishes. A perfect example can be the inclusion of a small amount of butter on the ghee tadka dish.

Let us Talk about the use of Milk and Dairy Products in Traditional Indian Cooking:

The diverse culture amongst Indian states has resulted in varied eating habits. However, as you watch closely one will feel that there is the use of milk in cooking a variety of Indian dishes. Let us look at some of the more popular dishes across various states where there is the use of milk.

  1. Kashmir: Let us start with Kashmir and tourists into this paradise will love to taste the Keleeya dish. The cooking recipe involves tender lamb pieces and the gravy is inclusive of plenty of milk.
  2. Rajasthan: The milk manufacturers in India have loved this state because this is a place where milk has been compared to water. We all know that this is a desert state and water is precious. There is a need to explore alternatives and hence Rajasthani cooking uses extensive milk. As you try out the dal and various specialties such as gatte ki sabzi or safed mass, these dishes include plenty of milk.
  3. West Bengal: This is a state, which consumes plenty of dairy products, which are sourced from milk. Bengali’s are known for their love for sweet items such as rasgulla and gulab jamuns. There are items, which require plenty of milk during the preparation. The consumption of sweets has long been a part of the Indian tradition and people residing in other Indian states love to eat sweets prepared from milk.
  4. Punjab: This is another state, which loves its milk products. One perhaps just cannot think about a meal in this part of India without a glass of lassi. There is plenty of ghee and butter used in Punjabi dishes and one can feel that there is an abundant use of milk, dairy products in the cooking.

Hence, you can see that consumption or even use of milk in cooking has long been a part of Indian tradition and you can follow it. The intake of milk is good for health and the use of this drink in varied Indian dishes has made it all the more popular.