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Red Cow Milk: Why It Is Recommended For All Families

by Red Cow Dairy | July 29, 2020

Red Cow Milk: Why It Is Recommended For All Families

Red Cow Dairy has been faithfully serving the best dairy products in West Bengal to families for over two decades now, from the youngest child to the eldest in every family!

With the understanding that natural and fresh dairy products (and particularly milk!) is a daily necessity, we’ve been developing our collection and processing technology to bring only the best milk products in West Bengal to our patrons.

Advantages of Milk for the Whole Family

For kids, it provides a large amount of the calcium and nutrients needed in their daily diets for healthy growth. It supports healthy bones and teeth, and also provides sufficient quantities of trace minerals to help even the most picky eaters:

  • Not only stronger bones, kids will also benefit from better teeth due to milk helping against acidic decay of teeth
  • For women, who commonly suffer from osteoporosis, it helps reduce the brittleness of bone
  • Vitamin D, zinc and other trace minerals in milk is good for all ages; there’s even some evidence that milk can support those who may suffer from diabetes or cardiovascular diseases

There are several health benefits of milk that are slowly being understood by modern science. Red Cow milk in West Bengal provides a fully vetted process, from production to your doorstep, thus ensuring that the healthy properties of milk is fully preserved and no adulterants or additional ingredients are used.

So not only the kids, everyone in the family should be drinking Red Cow Milk, procured fresh from local vetted dairy farms on a daily basis to bring the best milk products in West Bengal straight to your table.

Use Milk and Dairy Products to Reduce Intake of Sugary Drinks

Milk is a natural and healthy drink, and is thus more beneficial than soft drinks which are becoming increasingly common

  • Milk is a hydrating product, particularly good for healthy children who are running around and sweating. With a glass of milk before or after their daily sports time, you can rest assured that they are getting trace minerals and other additional nutrients that energy drinks cannot provide.
  • Many soft drinks have bad health effects leading to obesity, teeth problems and other issues if intake is high, reducing Intake of such drinks with milk is doubly good for you and your family.
  • Undeniably, there is significant caffeine content in many soft drinks and energy drinks. Just like you would prefer your children not to drink coffee as it will stunt their growth, it is equally wise not to have them drink too much caffeine in their soft drinks either. On the other hand, milk in West Bengal, vetted by Red Cow’s excellent quality assurance process will offer you a drink that has no added ingredients other than dairy products!
  • Even some commercial fruit juices have added sugars or other mixes, instead of the all-natural healthy drink you may have been expecting. We at Red Cow don’t expect busy parents to wake up every morning and freshly make healthy juice. Milk and milk products like lassi are an easy, cheap, and nutritive option for you and your children.

Benefits of Dairy Products

Along with a glass of milk every day, your family can also benefit from the best dairy products in West Bengal. Not only milk, you can also enjoy amazing, tasty and all round best dairy products in West Bengal. The products on offer are specifically catering to the Bengali taste and lifestyle, with new options popping up slowly to delight customers:

1. Doi along with the classic Bengali mishti doi, get ready to enjoy the best dairy products in West Bengal with aam doi and amrit doi. Now you have a variety of products for the daily dessert and also something new to offer guests looking for a taste of Bengal.

2. Mishti Mishti doi aside, you can also now enjoy the taste of fresh rasgulla and gulab jamun in your home, made from the best milk products in West Bengal. You never have to worry about what to serve after your dinner party again, with the multitude of options available here.

3. Lassi and mango lassi along with the refreshing lassi, so necessary during the hot summer days, now you have available tasty mango lassi with all the goodness of fruit and nutrients of the best dairy products of West Bengal.

For daily use, you also have available the softest paneer made from rich milk, and ghee that is locally produced and guaranteed one of the best dairy products in West Bengal.

Sterilised cream is available in conveniently sized tins for use in various preparations, and for long term keeping and use!

Keeping to the Cutting-Edge With the Best Technology.

Red Cow is always improving upon its technologies and its understanding of the needs and requirements of its customers. Safety of milk and milk products is considered absolutely essential and our process is streamlined to prevent any mistakes in this matter.

Milk and all dairy products should be kept in as natural a state as possible to preserve the essential nutrients and goodness of the drink. Along with this, however, it is important that there are no compromises made with the quality of the milk, as it is a product with an extremely low shelf life.

Despite the excellent chilling process and rapid dissemination and distribution process we follow, we still understand the limitations of the product and ensure only the best products reach our customers.

Our full process to ensure ideal production and distribution is:

  1. To collect the milk from individual Village Service Providers who
  2. Take to the nearest milk testing and chilling plant
  3. Separately check for freshness, quality of milk, presence of any adulterants or any preservatives
  4. The best milk products of West Bengal are thus kept safely, chilled at 4 degree Celsius to prevent growth of microorganisms

Along with this, even before receipt of milk, Red Cow provides its dairy farmers with the ability to make better choices for providing nutritional and we'll balanced feed to their cows, which results in healthier animals and ultimately healthier milk and milk products for your family.

The delicate balance to maintain the health of the dairy animals is improved upon constantly so that they provide the best quality of milk in West Bengal in our packages.

Red Cow dairy is recommended not only because of the positive benefits of milk but also because of the scientific process and understanding of the needs and requirements of the business and finally (and most importantly!) the way we maximize the nutritional benefits of the milk.

Vast Range of Options Available at Red Cow Dairy

At Red Cow Dairy, we understand that all milk is not made the same. Do you want milk to drink with cereal or sip a glass of? Or do you want to make a special payesh dish, or some other special dessert? Depending on your needs, Red Cow is bringing the best milk products in West Bengal, in a variety of packages:

  • Regular Milk: Fat percentage of 1.5 percent, and an excellent milk SNF or solids not fat amount of 9 percent. This is the regular milk that is ideal for a morning breakfast of healthy cereal and nourishing milk; or to have with your daily cup of tea for a low fat dairy product.
  • Gold Milk: Fat percentage of 3.5 percent, a solids not fat amount of 8.5 percent. With a higher fat percentage, gold milk is nutritional and good for children who need a healthy mix of good fats and nutrients in their daily diet.
  • Premium Milk: Fat percentage of 3 percent, a solids not fat amount of 8.5 percent. Drink it by itself or with haldi for a health giving drink, good for your digestion and your skin.
  • Creamy Delight Milk: Fat percentage of 4.5 percent, a solids not fat amount of 8.5 percent. The luxurious creamy delight milk is ideal for dessert, lassi or chaach for those who want a low effort version, or to be put in kheer or other desserts for the great chefs.

Have your choice of the best milk products in West Bengal, with the assurance that none of the milk packages have a single drop of added sugar in them. The milk and milk products are a wholesome combination of milk, cream, and other healthy dairy ingredients.

The SNF values show the extra nutritive content of the milk, and as always Red Cow brings the little bit extra that makes customers so delighted with the package they receive.

Reasons Red Cow Milk is Recommended For Your Whole Family (and All Your Friends)

  1. The health benefits of locally produced, natural and organic dairy products
  2. Closely monitored process from health of cow to packaging of each product
  3. The variety of products, all designed to be the finest and best dairy products in West Bengal
  4. Tasty dairy products designed for the palate of West Bengal, the local cuisine and habits
  5. Red Cow is a member of the premier dairy association of India the Indian Dairy Association, and the products are designed to excel at scale

And also because they're the tastiest and best milk products in West Bengal, as all our loyal customers can attest to!

So join our league of satisfied customers!

Do not hesitate, try out the best dairy products in West Bengal today to keep your family healthy and your taste buds satisfied.

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