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Red Cow Yogurt: A Wonder Dairy Product

by Red Cow Dairy | July 29, 2020

Red Cow Yogurt:  A Wonder Dairy Product

We are always looking for healthy alternatives to our diet, and one of those substitutes is yogurt! If you’ve recently been considering more yogurt in your diet, or simply enjoy this creamy delight in general, here are some reasons why you should try some of the best dairy products in West Bengal: Red Cow Dairy.

Variety: Three Different Flavours!

Red Cow’s delicious yogurt brings variety to your taste buds by coming in three different flavours:

  • Amrit Doi (Plain yogurt)
  • Aam Doi (mango yogurt)
  • Misti Doi (sweet Yogurt)

For the original yogurt lovers, they provide the traditional nutritious dairy – Amrit Doi, their nutritious plain yogurt.

For those of us who enjoy a fruity twist, Red Cow’s Aam Doi will hit the spot. The tropical flavour of mango combined with the creamy yogurt makes for a wonderful treat.

If it’s just a craving for something sweet, give Red Cow’s Misti Doi a try, a guaranteed mouth-watering Bengali concoction!

Many Benefits in Health and Body!

West Bengal’s Best Dairy Products brings us the luxury of enjoying delicious food with little to no expense to our health. Here’s how:

  • Their plain yogurt - Amrit Doi comes with less than 60Kcalories and no added sugar – a guilty pleasure, without the guilt.
  • With only 3% of fat per 100g of yogurt, it makes for a healthy substitute for any other fatty foods.
  • No compromises are made on the nutrition, with a high SNF content (8.5%), you’re getting all the nutritional benefits of yogurt if not more.
  • Strengthen your constitution and increase your immunity with Red Cow’s yogurt – only one cup of yogurt is enough to provide 49% of your daily calcium needs.
  • Don’t forget about vitamins! This yogurt contains a variety of healthy vitmains such as B12 and Riboflavin which protect you against a plethora of ailments, like heart disease.
  • High amounts of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium in yogurt also allow for important functions in the body such as bone health, regulating your blood pressure and maintaining your metabolism

Safety First: Red Cow Yogurt’s High Standards.

What’s better than knowing that our food is safe to consume and handled with the best regulations? And why is safety with dairy products so important? The best Dairy Products in West Bengal brings us why :

  • Low Shelf Life: the delicate nature of dairy products have a low shelf life, particularly yogurt and therefore require carefully monitored conditions.
  • Technology and Processes: Red Cow ensures their best efforts to maintain the high standard of their yogurt by their ever- improving technology and intensely regulated manufacturing processes.
  • Temperature: The temperature the yogurt is stored in is moderated at 4 degrees Celsius to prevent the growth of any harmful micro-organisms.
  • Hygiene: Every step of the process is carefully supervised, and all precautions are taken to guarantee the hygienic deliverance of Red Cow’s yogurt.

Many Uses: The Diverse Nature of Red Cow Yogurt.

Ever run out of recipes or ideas when preparing meals? Well consider Red Cow’s Yogurt, versatile and delicious. Here are some of the many ways you can incorporate this tasty food into your diet:

  • Eat it on its own: Pick from one of three delicious choices of Red Cow’s yogurt options, grab a spoon and dig in! Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or sour, the best dairy products in West Bengal has it all.
  • Dress it up: If you do not fancy eating simply the yogurt- dress it up with fruits and honey – you now have a delicious fruit bowl with extra nutritional benefits.
  • Probiotics: Remember that these yogurts come with the health benefits of probiotic goodness which promotes gut health. So, the next time you’re craving a healthy smoothie, put some yogurt in the blender in with the rest of your ingredients and feel the difference!
  • Cook with it: You can use it in your curries and vegetables for a milky and tangy flavour.
  • Buttermilk:: A yummy Indian remedy to beat the heat-buttermilk! Use Red Cow yogurt as a creamy base for a glass of aromatic buttermilk.

A Different Size for Every Need!

Are you craving a little bit of yogurt, or a lot? Cooking for yourself or for 10 people? Do you have one kid or six, thirsty for some buttermilk? Either way, Red Cow Yogurt has you covered! Here’s how:

Each flavour of yogurt comes in three different sizes!

  • The smallest size at 85g – perfect for one person
    Yogurt Doi smallest size at 85g
  • The medium size at 200g:
    Yogurt Doi medium size at 200g
  • The largest size at 400g:
    Yogurt Doi largest size at 400g

You will never have to buy too much or too little, you can always purchase just the right amount for every need.

In conclusion, Red Cow Dairy brings you some of the best yogurt in West Bengal, with exceptional flavour, variety, size and quality. Now, enjoy some of Red Cow’s safely and carefully curated tasty yogurt treats!