Corporate Social Responsibility

Red Cow team has always worked for the betterment of society by creating a hope amongst the people of having a positive environment around them. To justify their ambitions of setting up a better society and healthy environment they have started to walk on the path of improvement through CSR initiatives.

Red Cow Dairy always tried for the superior socio economic conditions , for which they are offering training to the farmers about various scientific methods of dairy farming. The proficient farmers are given the responsibility of preserving milk, taking good care of cows and giving proper vaccination and medicine on time along with cultivation of Green Fodder for animals.

  • Chairman
    Milk Preservation

    The clean milk production has been given the utmost importance leading to have a safe milk & milk products. Once milk is received from V.S.P’s (Village Service Provider) they are brought to the nearest milk chilling plant for various tests to check freshness of milk, quality parameters, adulterants & preservatives . The so tested good & safe milk is then preserved at 4 degree centigrade though a process of chilling to disallow the harmful microorganism to grow till the time the milk is being transported to main Processing Unit.

  • Cow Care
    Cow Care

    A proper feed of the cow is the responsibility of every dairy farmer. Red Cow Dairy advises the milk producers to feed their cows balanced mixed ration. Red Cow Dairy distributes the balanced nutritional Cattle Feed in 10 kg & 60 Kgs bag, only to it’s producers members at a cost effective rate . The Company also has tie-up arrangement with the NGO to take care of the animal health of the member milk producers, offering them advise on good house keeping of cattle shed, periodical vaccination, treatment and camps are being organized even in remote villages time to time facilitating the milk producers to energize the love for Cow.

  • Self Help Group
    Self Help Group

    A large number of rural populations are engaged in the self employment program which consists of a huge group of women members also. By establishing Self Help Groups Red Cow Dairy build a strong sense of confidence among the rural people. By offering them proper training they were able to bring forth the capabilities of the rural people. 21st century has visualized the great contribution of rural women in the procedure of collecting milk, processing it and so on . Red Cow Dairy has also given the opportunity to rural women to set up their own milk collection centers and empower their socio economic conditions.